Commodity Imports and Experts and its Services

It is our vision to become the best regions suppliers and distributors. To enhance our competitiveness we have a committed comprehensive sales and distribution network. This commitment can be recognised through our prompt delivery schedules and excellent customer service. At Googana ,we aspire to satisfy all our customers’ needs by ensuring continuous availability and diversity of our products at a reasonable price

Agricultural Products

Supply of all types of agricultural products

Petrochemical Products

Supply of all types of petrochemical Products

Petroleum Products

Supply of all types of petroleum products

Our routine Commodity supply

We are the leading Cargo transporter

We offer the best cargo routes with the most efficient rates

We believe to be always Bullish in the most competitive market and deliver at the best cost,Client’s satisfaction has the highest priority to us.

Worldwide Shipping

We offer the best solutions with the cheapest rate for our client's commodity

Best Quality

At Googana,Quality has the highest priority and we believe in sustainability of good's quality

Best Offers

In today's competitive market ,the best rate with the best quality determines our sales.

Secure Payments

We are very flexible in payment remittances and believe in convenience and secure payment methods