Parrafin Wax

petroleum jelly :

Petroleum jelly vaseline  is highly purified to meet the standards of the latest issues of USP & BP

Recommended For

1_Pharmaceutical ointments,

2_hair wax or pomades,

3_face creams,

4_skin lotions

5_in cosmetics.

It has also a wide range of industrial purpose such as 1_Softening agent for printing inks, as a plasticizer for rubber, as a component of carbon paper, in leather finishes etc.


Residue wax :

Residue wax(foots oil) is  a mix of oil and slack wax and use for

1-Rubber Industries-

2-Tire Industry-

3-Shoe Industry-

4-Plastic Industries

5-Polish-Match Box-



Paraffin wax alone is used in many purposes such:

Candle making,Food Wrap, Corrugated Containers, Nursery Stock,  Textiles, Cheese and Vegetable Coatings, Hot Melt Adhesives and Coatings, Cosmetics, Inks and Polishes,fertilizers,shoe wax,crayons, waxed paper,varnishe and more.

It’s also used as an additive in tires, can be used for many types of board waxes used as a blending in other petroleum based,oil and jelly products,